Our Existence

The core of our existence is sustainable packaging solutions. We integrate sustainability as a core ethic at every stage of our business process. The name of the Company, AUM, is a spiritual chant that resonates with the human conscience. The sound of the word AUM helps to bring awareness of oneself and one’s actions. Therefore, it makes us conscious of our choices.



In line with our philosophy, we have defined the following sustainability goals for ourselves for the next 10 Years.


Only use natural chemicals that are biodegradable or recycling-friendly; and recyclable.
50% of our energy should come through renewable resources.


Become carbon-neutral

Why Paper

Paper is our choice of raw material because it is a renewable resource. Also, paper can be easily recycled. It also has the added benefit of being compostable in the event that it is not recycled. Therefore, paper helps us to meet our goal of sustainability.


We have established a supply chain to source FSC certified paper and Recycled paper depending on customer requirements. Our vendors are vetted to ensure that we get what we are promised. They are tested on our stringent requirements to ensure that our end product clears all parameters.

Our effort at being environment-friendly are not limited to the paper we use. All the chemicals used in manufacturing of our bags, be it ink, coatings or adhesives, are REACH or ROHA Compliant.


Our machinery has been chosen keeping high standards of energy efficiency and minimum wastage in mind. This allows us not only to be cost-effective but contributes immensely to our goals of being environment-friendly and ecologically sustainable.


It is our goal to give back to the environment at the very least, as much as we take from it. Towards this end, we start by ensuring we do not pollute through our products. Our R&D team is mandated to keep updating us on new ways of being eco-friendly and economical, both hand-in-hand.
Our value system is heavily ingrained with the desire for continuous improvement & being value-centric, not profitability centric. Our sense of value is achieved through quality, efficiency and versatility.